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Leading IT Consulting
Company in Nigeria

WebCapz Technologies is a strategic and credible leader in custom software development, digital business consulting, and technology services with a presence of over 10 years in the industry. We provide comprehensive, integrated, and scalable IT infrastructure and business solutions across the globe with a focus on high-quality customer experience.

We offer a variety of high-quality IT consulting services for solving project management, business analysis, system analysis, strategic planning, and other IT issues. Our skilled professional consultants deliver objective recommendations and tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

We leverage on the IT and enterprise skills of our team to cater to diverse and dynamic business needs with precision and agility.

At WebCapz, we deliver excellence in terms of dedicated business. Looking for IT Consulting in Port Harcourt?


Expert IT Consultants with over 10 years experience caters to our client's diverse and dynamic business needs with precision and agility.

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Highly responsive to the clients' requests. Successfully meet even the extremely aggressive project delivery timelines.


We builds solid partnerships with our clients by delivering high-quality, innovative solutions at a very competitive price.

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What Makes Us

WebCapz has a team of professionals with a wide-ranging experience across various industries and utilizes a wide variety of technologies. We also have a good understanding of industry trends and practices along with hands-on experience in addressing specific management and technical problems.


Our team is a completely professional from Technology, Marketing and Business Management, responsible and enforces the high standards of customer service and reliability. Our people are some of the most talented, spirited people when it comes to innovating or giving you the right solution.


Our Vision is to provide top quality ICT Solutions under one-roof. We have a creative and experienced management team run by IT professionals. At WebCapz, we deliver excellence in terms of dedicated business. We are Powering Africa’s ICT Growth


//What We Offer

Expert IT Consulting Service in Nigeria

Our IT consulting services will help you improve the performance, scalability and competitiveness of your company through right technology enablement and usage. WebCapz can expertly guide your IT and digital transformation initiatives from strategy to implementation.

Digital Transformation Consulting

To improve your business efficiency by planning, prioritizing and guiding your digital transformation initiatives.

IT Outsourcing

To implement IT initiatives and perform IT functions you don’t have resources for. Service scope: Software development, support and evolution. Infrastructure support.

IT Project Management

To coordinate activities within one or multiple IT projects to achieve faster project workflow and quality results.

IT Strategy Consulting

To align your IT assets with current and anticipated business goals. Outlining a high-level IT strategy addressing business needs and aligning IT resources accordingly.

IT Assessment

To find opportunities to improve the efficiency, security, compliance, and reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure.

Application Support

To keep your business apps well-functioning and aligned with current needs. Service scope: Updating functional capabilities of your apps in line with emerging business requirements.

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330+ Companies Worldwide

Inspection Company
""I always have the best experience with WebCapz. Thank you for getting back to us in a timely manner and helping us with the littlest or biggest of problems when it comes to our computers. Thank you for making sure our technical needs are always taken care of."
Victor M,
Victor M,
Head ICT
""WebCapz Technologies always comes through quickly resolving our IT issues - including an ongoing problem that several other consultants had been unable to fix at our largest operating company. They're certainly our go-to IT company of choice!."
Samuel K,
Samuel K,
General Manager
""Always reliable and fast, even after I leave for the day, I can always count on you guys to get requests done. it's great to know WebCapz is not only our behind-the-scenes partner, but right there with us when needed. Thank you!"
Michael A,
Michael A,
Manager of Company
"WebCapz has been exactly what we needed - a true extension of our IT department. They are all in - sleeves rolled up - to tackle each challenge and opportunity as it arises and we could not have gotten through our move or MPLS implementation without them."
Kelvin B,
Kelvin B,
Admin Manager
""Excellent service. Quick response, efficient troubleshooting and resolution with full explanation of the problem. The team was courteous, prompt and professional. WebCapz's engineers always deliver. Gotta love WebCapz!"

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    FAQs About IT Consulting Service

    Trusted IT Consulting in Port Harcourt, Nigeria?

    If you’re operating a business, chances are you’re utilizing computer software for operations, human resources, management, and financing. WebCapz Technologies assists businesses in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, throughout various industries plan, strategize and assist in software and hardware rollouts that will help their business meet its short and long-term goals. Our team is highly trained in leveraging best-in-class IT solutions that are customized for your industry and company’s needs. We take a holistic approach to IT consulting and offer completely customizable solutions to ensure your business is prepared to scale. Contact us today to learn more about why more businesses in the area choose us for IT consulting.

    What Is Your Consultation Process?

    At WebCapz Technologies, our goal is always to help your business grow and help you reach your goals by implementing IT systems that help support that objective. To do so, we take a very pragmatic approach to ensuring you have suitable systems in place. 

    When Should I Hire an IT Consultant?

    An IT consultant can help your business with various IT issues that you may be experiencing. Our experienced consultants have years of experience working with small and medium-sized businesses. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from an IT consultant. Only you can make the decision to choose an IT consultant. However, below are a few indications that it might be the right time to contact BL Technical.

    What should I create for my business? Web app, mobile app, or ERP solution?

    It is difficult to tell at the moment as a web app, mobile apps, or ERP is all effective solutions but before knowing what your industry is not possible. First, we have to oversee your business category, whether small, mid-size, or large enterprises. It is worthless to build ERP for small startups as it is costly for those who have run countless operations and customers.

    What is the estimate for getting a consultant?

    Many factors influence this, including project scope, time spent on the project, and technical challenges. We realize that sounds ambiguous, but it is just the truth. Remember that each software project is unique, especially if you have an unusual idea. We don’t want to give you an inflated estimate; instead, we want to provide you with the highest quality possible while staying within your budget. Moreover, if you talk about WebCapz Technologies, we provide IT consulting services with experts in this field.


    Why Do I Need an IT Consultant?

    Throughout our years of service, we have met numerous business owners passionate about what they do. However, that doesn’t mean they are passionate about implementing and utilizing the right IT hardware and software to help their business thrive. That’s where WebCapz Technologies comes in. Our IT support specialists have years of strategically planning and implementing best-in-class IT systems to help you meet your business objectives. When you choose us, you’re partnering with a dedicated IT consultant to assist you through the entire process of setting up your system to answer any questions you may have.

    How Long Do I Need an IT Consultant?

    How long you require the assistance of an IT consultant is entirely dependent upon your needs. The experts at WebCapz Technologies are available for simple software installation that only requires a single day or larger IT networking projects that may take over a year. Whatever your business needs, our team is prepared to assist.

    Why Should I Choose WebCapz Technologies?

    When deciding who to choose for your business’s IT consulting services, you’ll find the experts at WebCapz Technologies take a comprehensive approach. Each one of our customers is assigned a senior engineer to assist you throughout the entire process. Our system provides you with consistency and familiarity with your company while completing your IT project. Our knowledgeable and licensed engineers stay updated with the latest technology and software to give you the best solutions. Contact our professionals today to get started.

    How can product quality be ensured?

    IT consulting service providers never miss a chance to satisfy their clients. And if it comes to knowing the quality of the product, you can see their portfolio and their live applications and visit the in-house office to ensure the company headcount.

    Also, to ensure what’s going on, you can ask for weekly performance analysis reports of your product. Mainly, companies send the whole portfolio to make a positive impact if they are not fake.

    What happens once you complete my project?

    After providing IT consulting, if you want to hand over your project to them, you must connect with them until you get the right solution. Maybe, the app is all you hoped for. However, in addition to providing a final product, they are pleased to offer you technical assistance and app maintenance as needed.